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I believe that biology is the beginning and the end of everything. it is the biggest source of ideas, the biggest source of inventions.nobody can invent better than nature and so if you like nature is my biggest source of inspiration.

About the course

Biology is the study of the complex things in the Universe. Biology is inherently fascinating. ... Biology is unique because of the complexity of living things and how they interact with each other and the environment. It's intriguing to think that many rocks and minerals on Earth originated from living things. When you learn biology, you learn about your own body and other living organisms. ... It's this kind of daily, basic knowledge that can be applied in life that make me fond of biology.

Generally, Biology is doubting Subject but is interesting too if carefully focused upon. the evolution & modification, growth & development of nature including yourself is truly an amazing part of it. Survival on earth can be explained on the basis of theories of biology. once the students are made to aware about these aspects the way to crack the medical exams turns hurdle free.